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Incorporated in 2011, our company specialises in the provision of solutions to both local and overseas supermarkets' demand for good quality and delectable snacks.

Business Activities

We provide a wide range of products in large quantities for supermarkets to support their in-house brands and they include popcorn, candy floss, muruku, mixed nuts etc. We also customise our products to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. We are aggressively targeting other markets in Asia.

Our Singapore business also include the supply of customised snack items to food kiosks at Singapore Expo, Sentosa Good Old Days, and major shopping malls located throughout Singapore.

Our Commitment

We provide good quality and delectable products at large quantities and at affordable pricing.


Our company has the vast experience in providing good quality and delectable snacks to both overseas and local markets. We are able to customise our products to satisfy all our customers' needs and requirements.

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